Känner du till Mastermind? 

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Vi träffas i tio veckor varje vecka samma tid med en grupp trogna deltagare. Det är viktigt att vi tar en mastermind grupp seriöst. Vi leker inte med varandras drömmar. Tror du inte att du kan närvara i alla möten så kan du vara borta en gång om det krisar. När vi inte är seriösa med vår och andras tid så skapar det dåliga ringar på vattnet. Därför är det bättre att vänta och komma med när vi tycker det kan fungera. 

Vi ser fram emot att träffa dig!

mer info nedan;

In order to get the most out of your mastermind group please use the following outline.
Be punctual, be serious, be fun and be committed. Masterminding has the potential to catapult
your life to spectacular heights.
Once you have selected assembled your Mastermind Group, select an initial team leader and
the group can make decisions and changes as they see fit.
I strongly urge you to select the same time once every 2 weeks for a 60-90 minute session for
the first 3 months and then decide whether you want to increase or decrease the frequency of

the calls. When done right, these calls can really help you make the quantum leap you are capa-
ble of.

The purpose of the call is for you to derive great value and not to just spend time on the phone.
The calls should be focused, planned and fast moving to get the most out of them. A reminder
should be sent to all participants 48 hours before each call with the agreed upon agenda. On a
90-minute call you can focus on two people with great effectiveness or 10-15 minutes of quick
masterminding for each person.
On the first call rules should be set up such as if one person misses X number of consecutive
calls they are removed from the group.
In my mastermind group it was 2 strikes and you’re out. Unless there is a very real and serious
reason why someone misses two calls in a row this is what I recommend.
Always keep in mind that you will derive a ton from participating if you play full out and give
of yourself unconditionally.
Even if it’s not your turn to get help and ideas you will just by listening and participating.
Being fully present for each call without being distracted is CRITICAL. You should know that the
key to success on these calls is determined by how people “show up.” If they are fully present
for their mastermind teammates then this is where their greatest insights will come from.

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